My Summer Associate Experience at Gutwein Law

by Tessa Steffens

This summer I had the opportunity to complete a 12-week internship at Gutwein Law. With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing many offices into a remote-working environment, I was extremely thankful that my internship was in-person. Before my summer internship officially started, I was able to visit the Indianapolis office in the Spring to meet some of my future coworkers. This was a great opportunity that made me feel welcome and calmed my nerves a bit before I started my first day of work.

Going into a summer internship, many law students expect to be in the corner doing research and drafting memos all day. However, that is exactly the opposite experience that I had at Gutwein Law. Instead, the attorneys truly value the work you put into projects, meaning you are able to make a difference and produce real client work as an intern. Throughout the summer, I was able to draft multiple documents, observe multiple hearings, and sit in on meetings with clients. Everyone at the firm immediately made me feel like I was part of the team and was sure to include me in their projects so I could continue to learn.

Before I began, I expressed that I was interested in employment law, so within hours of my first day, I was assigned multiple employment law projects that I worked on throughout the summer. I was able to draft and edit multiple employee handbooks, employment contracts and policies, and corporate documents. Although I was focused on employment law, I also had the opportunity to get a small taste of each practice area and to work with almost every attorney at the firm. Each attorney challenged me while also appreciating my work and thoughts.

One of my favorite parts about my summer internship was the mix of independence and guidance. At Gutwein Law, they like to focus on the big picture first. With each assignment I was given, I would get a clear breakdown of the big picture and the client’s end goals, but then was able to complete the project with total independence. If I needed guidance, any attorney or paralegal was happy to jump on a call with me or meet in-person to talk through the issues. There is a great sense of teamwork and camaraderie at Gutwein Law that is hard to find anywhere else.

Overall, the best part about this summer internship is the people with which I worked. From my first day, everyone made me feel welcome and valued. The entire team at Gutwein Law is hardworking, caring, and has a positive attitude, which makes it a great place to work. If I needed help, guidance, or just wanted to talk about my day, there was always someone there to listen. Gutwein Law’s culture is incredibly unique and makes them stand out amongst other law firms.

Gutwein Law's culture not only positively effects the employees, but positively impacts clients, too. It's clear the firm values its clients on a personal level and treats each one with the utmost respect. Throughout my internship, I saw first-hand how everyone works extremely hard and diligently to produce high-level work product for their clients, which is a trait that I will take with me throughout my legal career.

My experience as a summer associate at Gutwein Law was phenomenal and I strongly recommend it to any law students in search of an impactful summer experience.