My Lateral Story: Audrey Wessel

by Gutwein Law

As part of our "My Lateral Story" series, we sat down with Audrey Wessel to get her take on Gutwein Law, why it was the right move for her, and why it could be the perfect fit for others looking to make a lateral move.

What attracted you to our firm specifically, and what made us stand out among other firms you were considering?

The people stood out the most. I got the impression that everyone was smart and motivated, but most importantly, everyone seemed really nice – which has all turned out to be true! Having a team of people that are always willing to help and teach, and who are pleasant to be around each day, is just as meaningful as the work I’m doing.


What are some of the most exciting and challenging projects or cases that lateral attorneys can expect to work on at our firm, and what impact can they have on clients and the legal industry?

I primarily do transactional work, which means that I get to come in at major turning points in a company’s lifecycle – for example, when they are raising funds or selling/buying a business. Anyone who practices in this space knows how much work goes into an acquisition or venture financing, and I find that clients are grateful to have someone lead them through the process. That said, it’s also impactful for clients to have someone to reach out to with day-to-day general legal questions. So, for a lateral attorney, I think the ability to be a point person on deals as well as handle and day-to-day work for clients is exciting and impactful.


Can you speak to the unique culture and values of our firm, and how lateral attorneys can become integrated and contribute to that culture?

I have found that our culture is very collaborative – the most important thing to every attorney here is to make sure that we are doing the best job we can for our clients, and providing value to them any time they reach out. That requires our team to be ready to help with projects that relate to each person’s expertise, and to answer quick questions to give others direction. The firm has also shown that it is dedicated to the continued development of attorneys, particularly attorneys who are still growing in their practice.


What have you gained from your experience working with us, both personally and professionally?

I have been able to grow my legal skill set and my practice significantly, while still keeping it refined to specific areas of the law. The firm provides the opportunity to see and work through complicated deals and matters, and I enjoy having to use research and critical thinking skills to tailor each project to the unique situation and client.


What sets our firm apart from other firms in terms of the benefits and opportunities we offer to our lateral attorneys, and why should a talented attorney consider joining our team?

To me, the number one benefit to a lateral attorney is the ability to start growing a book of business within the firm, with the backing of our marketing team and experienced attorneys. Not only do we allow attorneys the time and budget to engage in networking and strategic development, we encourage it. Gutwein Law is the right place for a lateral attorney who wants to take responsibility for their own practice, with the backing of a team that is always ready to help.

Interested in a lateral move? Check out our opening here and feel free to reach out with any questions.