A Peek Inside Our Firm's Culture During COVID-19

by Sean McCarthy

It's no secret COVID-19 (the Coronavirus) is causing a huge deal of uncertainty within companies across the globe. From the glaring financial and supply chain impacts to the less obvious cultural adjustments, there's a lot for business leaders to figure out.

With that in mind, I wanted to share how Gutwein Law is navigating the COVID-19 pandemic from an operations and cultural standpoint in hopes it could help some companies still struggling to find their feet.

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Communication on COVID-19

by Gutwein Law

It is no surprise that the health pandemic of COVID-19 is affecting businesses across the globe. To provide greater context on COVID-19, here are a few links to useful resources:

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How We Live Up to Our Mission Statement

by Gutwein Law

Gutwein Law exists for one reason to help some of the best, most forward‐thinking businesses in the world and their stakeholders grow through high‐level legal counsel. Gutwein Law knows that we can only help grow companies and their stakeholders if we have the most forward-thinking, business-minded legal talent, so we continuously invest in the development of our people.

That’s it – our mission statement. It may sound straightforward, but a lot goes into making it a reality, especially behind-the-scenes. We make it a habit to continually invest in our people, so they can focus on providing the best possible service to our clients. Here are some ways we do just that:

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A Semester of Learning and Growth: An Interview with Luke Pfeiffer

by Gutwein Law

We sat down with Luke Pfeiffer, current Legal Assistant Intern, to get his take on what it's like to work at Gutwein Law. Spoiler: you'll learn a ton (and we think it's pretty fun here, too). If you're interested in becoming a Legal Assistant Intern with Gutwein Law in the future, please send a cover letter and your resume to careers@gutweinlaw.com

Who are you? What are you studying?

My name is Luke Pfeiffer and I’m from West Lafayette, Indiana. I’m a freshman student at Purdue University studying accounting with a pre-law concentration.

What were you looking for in an internship?

Above all else, I was looking to gain exposure to the legal field, and Gutwein Law couldn’t have been a better place.

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Giving Two Figs About Your Career & Other Life Lessons From Professor Larry Jegen

by Stuart Gutwein

Like many others long before and after me, I had the pleasure of learning Income, Corporate Tax, Estate and Fiduciary Tax, Tax Procedure, and State and Local Tax from Lawrence A. Jegen III. And also like many others, he was my favorite professor during my three years at IU McKinney Law School. But what made him my favorite professor wasn't necessarily the topics he taught inside the classroom.

Professor Larry Jegen taught me countless principles that I still carry with me today – a lot of which I attribute to my enjoyment and success in the legal industry. So in honor of Mr. Jegen, I wanted to highlight five of those principles, all of which I believe are important to everyone in life:

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