Selling Securities and Reg D Changes: A 101 Guide for Seed Stage and Growth Companies

by Brian Casserly

You have an idea. You form a company. Now you want to raise money from investors (or even friends and family), maybe through the sale of ownership, borrowing money, or a loan that could convert into ownership in the future. Seems straightforward, right?

Well, all of those interests and rights that you are considering are almost certainly going to be classfied as “securities” under applicable law.  Selling securities, in fact, is a complex process that requires careful navigation and thoughtful representation to not only protect your position from an ownership and contractual standpoint, but to ensure you’re abiding by both federal and state laws, and regulations issued in connection with the same by enforcement arms such the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

When it comes to selling securities, you have essentially three options:

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Business lessons from Youth Baseball

by Stuart Gutwein

 I love baseball - the sport (the athleticism required, the explosiveness, the coordination), the game (the strategy, knowledge of the game and its intricacies), and of course the competition.  Baseball season is officially under way.  Pitchers and catchers have reported for MLB spring training, last Friday was opening day of college baseball and winter practices have started for youth baseball.   IMG_4738.jpg

For several years now, I've been coaching youth baseball and one of my favorite things about coaching is watching a young boy transform over a season of baseball - turning from that scared boy timidly stepping into that scary batter’s box, all alone to the confident plate pounding little man child ready to knock it out of the park. The thoughts running through his head

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Maximizing ROI on Indiana's $1B Investment - Industry Initiatives (Part 5)

by Mitch Bruno

This week, we continue our analysis and recommendations on Indiana’s $1B investment in innovation through industry initiatives. To read through each part of our series to date, start here. The Indiana Economic Development Council’s 4th area of focus states:

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Addendum: Changes in Overtime Laws Are Halted

by Shannon Middleton

In April and June, we published blog posts about changes in overtime laws for the white collar exemptions set to take effect on December 1, 2016 (see Changes in Overtime Laws are Coming and Update: Changes in Overtime Laws are Coming). Yesterday, an Eastern District of Texas Judge issued a nationwide injunction barring the implementation of the new overtime rules.  This means that for now, the salary thresholds for the white collar exemptions remain unchanged and are not increasing.

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Maximizing ROI on Indiana's $1B Investment - Co-Working (Part 4)

by Corben Lee

During the last month, our firm has been outlining what Indiana’s $1B investment in innovation means and our recommendations for how to most effectively use it in secondary and higher education. This week, we will be discussing the third area of focus on the Indiana Economic Development Corporation’s list and detailing our recommendation for what we believe would be most beneficial to future entrepreneurs. Here is how the State plans to foster growth among co-working spaces, incubators and innovation centers:

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