Sexual Harassment Training: How to Stop Claims Before They Start

by Shannon Middleton

As much as we hate to admit it, sexual harassment is a hot topic right now. From celebrities to large corporations and even startups, it’s everywhere. And regardless of whether you want to discuss it, sexual harassment needs to be talked about with your employees because, let's face it, it's not going anywhere unless we do something about it.

Not only is the act of sexual harassment in the workplace wrong and destructive of the culture you want to build, but it can cost your company quite a bit of time, energy, and money (among many other things). In fact, the average award for a sexual harassment case is upwards of $86,000, while the average cost of defending a case is $75,000. That’s money no company wants to spend.

So where do you start? How do you ensure your company is properly protected and prepared? 

That's where Gutwein Law's Sexual Harassment Training and Policy Audit comes in. We’re offering this service at a fixed rate of $1,500 to help ensure you’re proactively protecting your company from the vulnerability of sexual harassment legal matters. As part of this package, our team will:

  • Discuss with your team what you're looking for in a new or revised sexual harassment policy
  • Revise your existing sexual harassment policy or write a new policy for your company
  • Create a custom presentation outlining the specifics of your revised or new policy, as well as general information about sexual harassment, employer responsibilities, examples/scenarios and best practices
  • Travel on-site to your company to give a one-hour, in-person presentation to your employees and provide an attendance sheet for your company’s records

Ready to be part of the change at your company? Good – we want to help! To start the conversation, or get your Sexual Harassment Training and Policy Audit on the calendar, give us a call at 765.423.7900, or, email Shannon directly at