Get Informed with Informed IP

by Sean McCarthy

Think you have an idea? Like a really good idea? Well, it may be worth nothing if you don't get the proper protection in place. But how do you know if you need protection? And another question: how do you know what kind of protection you need? A patent? Trademark?

The good news is, we came up with an idea of our own. It's called Informed IP.

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Preference Claims! Not feeling “preferred”?

by Brooke Perez

As a business person, you no doubt are aware that bankruptcy effects the state of trade. In day to day operations, when providing goods or services to a struggling entity or individual you know, getting money due from your customers can prove to be difficult.

Perhaps you were lucky enough to receive some funds from your customer prior to its filing bankruptcy. Just when you were thanking your lucky stars for the little amount money you were able to receive from your customer prior to its bankruptcy filing, you receive the dreaded demand letter from the bankruptcy trustee in the mail and it hits you in the face like a splash of cold water. You’re being told you have to give it back any money received from 90 days prior to your customer filing bankruptcy.  And it's not some sort of bad joke, either.

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Wanted: An Attorney Like…You?

by Sean McCarthy

If you've been perusing our career page lately, you've probably noticed we're on the hunt for another attorney to join our growing firm. But not just an attorney will do. They have to be hungry, creative-minded, and relatable (among many other things). In fact, there are five key criteria we evaluate in a target before hiring them.

Sound like you? Good. Here's what we need to complete our dream team:

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Yes, Even Law Firms Need IT Staff.

by Dan Gosnell

Law firms aren't exactly known for their forward-thinking views on technology. Windows 95, physical libraries, and attorneys who can't use computers are (believe it or not) still fairly common in today's legal world. But you won't see that at Gutwein Law.

We see things differently here, and we know in order to allow our clients to be forward-thinking, we need to be, too.

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Gifting to save taxes? Not so fast.

by Andy Gutwein

Frequently I hear from people who want to gift away their assets while they’re alive in order “to save taxes” and “make sure the government doesn’t take it all.” Unfortunately though, many of these people are following coffee shop advice from outdated sources or uninformed friends.

The reality is that the majority of people are better off not making gifts during their lifetime and passing assets to their children upon their death. Why, you ask? It's because of what's known as the "Step Up Basis" vs the "Carryover Basis." I'll give you an example.

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