From a League Commissioner: Three Ways the Commissioner Can Raise Team Valuations

by Josh Schaub

Roger Goodell. Adam Silver. Rob Manfred. You’ve likely seen them on TV, wearing well-tailored suits and reading meticulously-written speeches. One day they’re responding to a PR crisis involving a high-profile athlete, another delivering Draft Day selections. That’s the life of a League Commissioner – at least how the public generally sees it.

But, as a League Commissioner myself, I know first-hand quite a bit of work goes on beyond what airs on TV.

A successful League Commissioner must wear many hats: business person, speaker, politician, lawyer, and public figure, to name a few. They’re required to listen and respond to the demands of players, coaches, fans, and team owners.

Above all though, a League Commissioner must provide value to teams and their owners, while ensuring a consistent and positive fan experience across the league.

With that in mind, I’m here to shed light on what makes for a great Commissioner. Below are three things League Commissioners could, and should be doing, to help foster league success:

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Lawyer To Leader Program

by Stuart Gutwein

      Butler University recently ran its first cohort through a business program for lawyers called Lawyer to Leader and I was fortunate enough to be one of the participants.  If you desire to become a leader in your law firm or organization, I highly recommend you apply for the next class at Butler.  This program was especially fitting for me as our firm has grown from 5 people in 1 location to ~25 people in 3 locations in the 4 years we've been in existence.  I've personally gone from 95% legal work for clients to less than 25% legal work for clients and now most of my time is devoted to strategy, communication and team development.  The years of being part of many business decisions with clients and having a significant interest and activity in outside interests in real estate services and venture capital have been very helpful but time dedicated to concentrate on developing leadership skills has been extremely valuable for my own growth and I plan for the numerous lessons to impact our law firm. 

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Business lessons from Youth Baseball

by Stuart Gutwein

 I love baseball - the sport (the athleticism required, the explosiveness, the coordination), the game (the strategy, knowledge of the game and its intricacies), and of course the competition.  Baseball season is officially under way.  Pitchers and catchers have reported for MLB spring training, last Friday was opening day of college baseball and winter practices have started for youth baseball.   IMG_4738.jpg

For several years now, I've been coaching youth baseball and one of my favorite things about coaching is watching a young boy transform over a season of baseball - turning from that scared boy timidly stepping into that scary batter’s box, all alone to the confident plate pounding little man child ready to knock it out of the park. The thoughts running through his head

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Maximizing ROI on Indiana's $1B Investment - Industry Initiatives (Part 5)

by Mitch Bruno

This week, we continue our analysis and recommendations on Indiana’s $1B investment in innovation through industry initiatives. To read through each part of our series to date, start here. The Indiana Economic Development Council’s 4th area of focus states:

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Addendum: Changes in Overtime Laws Are Halted

by Shannon Middleton

In April and June, we published blog posts about changes in overtime laws for the white collar exemptions set to take effect on December 1, 2016 (see Changes in Overtime Laws are Coming and Update: Changes in Overtime Laws are Coming). Yesterday, an Eastern District of Texas Judge issued a nationwide injunction barring the implementation of the new overtime rules.  This means that for now, the salary thresholds for the white collar exemptions remain unchanged and are not increasing.

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