My Summer Associate Experience at Gutwein Law

by Tessa Steffens

This summer I had the opportunity to complete a 12-week internship at Gutwein Law. With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing many offices into a remote-working environment, I was extremely thankful that my internship was in-person. Before my summer internship officially started, I was able to visit the Indianapolis office in the Spring to meet some of my future coworkers. This was a great opportunity that made me feel welcome and calmed my nerves a bit before I started my first day of work.
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You Can Ask for Proof of Vaccination from your Employees and Contractors

by Shannon Middleton & Karen Young

As employees are returning to work in person, there have been lingering questions regarding the COVID-19 vaccine: Do I have to get the vaccine to go to work? Can my employer require me to get the vaccine? Do I have to tell my employer if I received the vaccine or not?

The regulations that may be implicated by the requiring of COVID-19 vaccinations are:
  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA); and
  • the federal Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) laws, including the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act (Title VII).
However, the EEOC has given guidance that requiring vaccines and proof of vaccination is legal and likely not a violation of any of these laws.
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Equity Incentives: The types, ideal amounts, and grant process

by Audrey Wessel

If you're reading this, you probably already know it's common for companies, including those in early stages, to offer incentives to employees in the form of equity or equity equivalents. Why? Because equity incentives can help in attracting and retaining talent at any company, and in early-stage companies, equity incentives may also be used to compensate personnel if the company is not yet able to pay market-rate salaries.

But it's not all straightforward. Equity incentives can be complicated from both a legal and tax perspective. Below are some frequently asked questions that we receive in regard to equity incentives.

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Indiana Employers with Minor Employees have New Requirements

by Tessa Steffens

It's no secret youth employment reaches its biggest heights in the summer. No school and minimal extracurricular activities means many teenagers are often looking for ways to make extra cash. But there's a change coming soon that may impact employers.

Effective July 1, the Indiana Department of Labor’s Bureau of Youth Employment has issued a new requirement regarding minor employees (over the age of 14 but under the age of 18) that affects certain employers.

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Tips for Passing the Bar Exam from Gutwein Law Attorneys

by Gutwein Law

With the end of the Spring semester suddenly upon us, many law school graduates are preparing for one more final exam -- the bar exam. While these students have spent the past couple years preparing for this very moment, many undoubtedly will experience lots of stress over the next several weeks.

With that in mind, what can a soon-to-be licensed attorney do to ease their nerves and  increase their odds of passing the bar exam? We don't promise to have all the answers, but we asked some of our attorneys who have been there for their best bar prep tips.

Here's what they had to say…

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