Global Technology on a Local Scale

by Andy Gutwein

I just returned from the American Bar Association Technology Show in Chicago (ABA Tech Show).  What a rush, absorbing the newest technology for law firms and learning from presentations by the Nation’s leading tech consultants. As I reflect on what I learned, I’m happy to know that our office is up to date and secure in our practices.  In fact, it seems we are quite a bit ahead of the curve because we have adopted paperless policies and have a leading document management utility in place.  Of course, there is always room for improvement and I was able to get inspired to improve some of our practices.

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Paperless Office = Better Service

by Tommi Perdue

Business trends are pushing owners to look into faster and more efficient processes in the work place.  Electronic files, bigger servers and faster transmissions are quickly becoming a necessity for anyone hoping to keep up with their clients and outrun their competition.  But why have a paperless office?  Are there really benefits for your customer and your business?

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