My Pandemic Summer Associate Experience

by Hayes Cronk

Internships are exciting, nerve-wracking, and can change the course of your career in a few short months. I accepted a three month internship at Gutwein Law expecting a challenging summer while working closely with my coworkers learning more about the practice of law. Then the COVID-19 pandemic began and changed my expectations completely. I was hopeful to still have an internship or some semblance of one. I am grateful to be one of the lucky individuals to have had a full internship at an incredible firm as most of my peers had their internships canceled.

During the interview process, every firm talks about their flexibility and the ability to handle any situation. COVID-19 put those claims to the test, and Gutwein Law not only backed up their claims, but they blew them out of the water. My summer began by working remotely, which was a challenge that all firms had to face. Gutwein Law's IT department made the transition seamless by providing me with a laptop ready-to -go on day one. A meticulous daily schedule was provided allowing me to meet other members of the firm in all office locations. I was integrated into the firm from the start and I never looked back. That is flexibility at its finest.

Going into an internship you expect to work on basic projects that nobody wants to tackle. The simple monotonous time consuming work that people equate to "paying your dues." At Gutwein Law that was the furthest thing from my experience. I worked on stimulating projects that forced me to get out of my comfort zone. I was assigned a plethora of projects: I drafted contracts, formation documents, and worked on client matters from every practice group. I was assigned my own projects from the start, and the attorney's challenged my thoughts and welcomed discussion that led to the best work product for our clients. If you want to work for a firm that values your opinion and gives you independence from the start, then that firm is Gutwein Law.

The most distinct characteristic that Gutwein looks for in a person is hustle. Hustle not only applies to cultivating a book of business, but also how you approach your daily professional life. Hustle means advocating fiercely for your clients, being a great team member, and caring about your work. Hustle is embodied in the firm.

Without a doubt, the best part about Gutwein Law is the people. Everybody at Gutwein Law is intelligent, caring and genuinely wants the best for the firm and our clients. If you need help on a project you feel empowered to ask, there is always somebody around that wants to help you succeed. People create culture, not names on a wall. That is why Gutwein Law's culture is second to none. 

If you're looking for a law firm that invests in its people, fights for its clients, has hustle, and trusts you with important work from the start, there is no better place than Gutwein Law.

If you want to learn more about Gutwein Law' Summer Associate Program, please visit our landing page.