A Semester of Learning and Growth: An Interview with Luke Pfeiffer

by Gutwein Law

We sat down with Luke Pfeiffer, current Legal Assistant Intern, to get his take on what it's like to work at Gutwein Law. Spoiler: you'll learn a ton (and we think it's pretty fun here, too). If you're interested in becoming a Legal Assistant Intern with Gutwein Law in the future, please send a cover letter and your resume to careers@gutweinlaw.com

Who are you? What are you studying?

My name is Luke Pfeiffer and I’m from West Lafayette, Indiana. I’m a freshman student at Purdue University studying accounting with a pre-law concentration.

What were you looking for in an internship?

Above all else, I was looking to gain exposure to the legal field, and Gutwein Law couldn’t have been a better place.

And why Gutwein Law?

Because of the size and structure of the firm, I’ve been able to work directly with paralegals and attorneys on actual projects, which has provided me invaluable, real-world experience.

Also, the staff at Gutwein Law creates relationships with the clients that go beyond a business partnership, they care about the financial and personal well-being of their clients. The closeness in the culture of the office motivates the staff to succeed at every level of the legal process. Whether the matter be an estate plan, a business startup, or even a professional sports immigration issue, the staff at Gutwein will exhaust every resource necessary to positively satisfy the client. As an intern, you come to realize how skilled these colleagues really are. Nearly every client leaves the office with a big smile on their face, satisfied at how much Gutwein cares about their matter.

What’s been your experience so far as a Legal Assistant Intern at Gutwein Law?

The time I’ve been able to spend at Gutwein Law has been nothing short of educational. Attorneys, professional staff, and paralegals alike take the time to explain their requests and highlight the purpose of each task before assigning the work.

What kinds of projects have you worked on while at the firm?

I’ve been able to file casework along with billable administrative documents, engage with clients at the front desk, manage the phone lines, take trips to the Tippecanoe and Boone County Courthouses, and even attend a hearing. As I have felt more comfortable, I’ve inquired about cases that seemed interesting or concepts in the legal field that I was unaware of. The staff is always receptive to inquiries involving cases and they do an excellent job of fielding any questions I may have.

Any advice you want to pass along to future interns or those interested in applying for a position at Gutwein Law?

Participating as an undergraduate intern at Gutwein Law is a great way to gain exposure to the field of law. With this experience you will be able to assess your interest in pursuing law, as well as formulate an acquaintance with this elite sector of the professional workforce. I encourage anyone interested in an entry level internship to apply to Gutwein Law.