My Summer Internship at Gutwein Law

by Corben Lee

This summer, I completed my legal summer internship at Gutwein Law.  I am truly amazed at how much I learned in the 12 weeks that I was here.  From day one, the attorneys gave me exciting and complex issues to work on and these experiences allowed me to develop and grow as a professional and an individual. 

One thing I really enjoyed about Gutwein Law is that they did not expect me, as a summer intern, to sit on the sideline; they expected me to participate in hands-on work right away.  On my first day, I was tasked with writing a motion for summary judgment and was expected to interact in a meeting with a new client.  These types of experiences are what set Gutwein Law apart from many other law firms in regards to their summer employees. 

Gutwein Law also hosted a number of formal and informal social activities throughout the summer. All of the summer interns were invited to an Indianapolis Indians game as our “farewell” party, we were invited back to run a half-marathon at Purdue, we had the opportunity to play in the Tippecanoe County Bar Association’s annual golf outing in order to network and meet people, and were invited to various lunches throughout the entire summer. These opportunities gave us a chance to build long-lasting relationships with the people we were working with and gave us the opportunity to network on a professional level.

By far, the best thing about Gutwein Law was the people. All of the attorneys have an open-door policy, inviting me to discuss and talk about issues that come up with my work at any point in the day.  Everyone makes it a priority to create a work environment that is a perfect mix of professionalism and fun.  The atmosphere at Gutwein Law made me feel welcome right away and I truly felt like I was an integral part of their team.  

I really enjoyed my time this summer working at Gutwein Law.  Everyone I worked with was accessible and willing to take the time to get to know me and help me through any issues I was facing.  The people are open, friendly and you can tell they actually enjoy working together.  Gutwein Law has a collaborative, open-door culture that makes it easy to work with and learn from exceptional professionals. Anyone interested in gaining hands-on legal experience should seriously give consideration to spending your summer at Gutwein Law.



Corben Lee is a 2014 summer intern at Gutwein Law.  He is currently enrolled at the University of Notre Dame Law School and will graduate in 2015.