Yes, Even Law Firms Need IT Staff.

by Dan Gosnell

Law firms aren't exactly known for their forward-thinking views on technology. Windows 95, physical libraries, and attorneys who can't use computers are (believe it or not) still fairly common in today's legal world. But you won't see that at Gutwein Law.

We see things differently here, and we know in order to allow our clients to be forward-thinking, we need to be, too.

Whether you choose to recognize it or not, we're in the midst of a technological revolution – it impacts businesses of all kinds. Even law firms. In fact, at the time of writing this blog post, I responded to a handful of emails, ran a report to look for gaps in our data, checked our server backup, fixed a printer, and made sure that our Bluetooth speakers were playing music in the three areas of the office. Thirty years ago, four out of the five activities wouldn't have existed in a law office.

About six months ago, I was brought into the firm as IT Manager, the first one in our five year history. When I arrived, it was refreshing to see the team was so comfortable with technology, however, we knew we had a lot of work to do. Our goal is, and continues to be, ensuring we possess the tools to provide the most efficient and effective work and relationship to our clients possible.

To tackle this goal from an IT standpoint, we began by generating multiple reports in existing software for our various practice areas. This information allowed our team to view upcoming events, focus on client needs, and get ahead of curve for the matters currently being work on. We've continued to refine these reports and now have the ability to bring up every email, document, and relevant data for a case on command.

With three office locations, as well as our team members constantly attending CLE's, other events, and working out of coworking spaces, having secured digitized matter information is vital to our success. It makes us flexible, mobile, and always ready. But we're not stopping there. We're always looking ahead and investing time into better solutions for our firm and for our clients.

Interested in seeing first-hand how we invest in technology? Or maybe you just need help avoiding the pitfalls of stifling innovation. Either way, we're ready to chat. Fill out the form on the contact page of our website to get started: