Communication on COVID-19

by Gutwein Law

It is no surprise that the health pandemic of COVID-19 is affecting businesses across the globe. To provide greater context on COVID-19, here are a few links to useful resources:

COVID-19 (the Coronavirus) has raised many concerns for both individuals and businesses and the communities in which they work and live. With the fast-paced news cycle and rapidly evolving updates on the spread and cause of COVID-19, it is difficult to anticipate how the coronavirus will impact your business and your workforce while also trying to limit the negative impact. The best strategy is to be prepared. Make sure your business understands the legal, regulatory, privacy (such as HIPAA), insurance and commercial ramifications of COVID-19. Gutwein Law has resources available, beyond your current team members, that are ready and prepared to educate you, our clients, about your risks and your companies’ risks brought on by COVID-19.

At Gutwein Law, we remain committed to monitor the developments related to the virus and provide you with useful resources to keep you, your business, and your workforce protected. We are also putting processes in place to maintain the confidence you have placed in us that we can provide the level of service you expect despite the ongoing crisis of COVID-19.  Our attorneys and staff may work remotely or limit in-person meetings in the coming weeks, but we are committed to maintaining our high level of client service.

As of today, all of our offices remain open for business as usual.

For more information on how we are assisting clients with the COVID-19 outbreak, please contact Karen Young at 317.777.7920 or at

Stay well.

Gutwein Law