Intellectual property protection plan

The Importance of Protecting Your Assets

The intellectual property (IP) of your business may be some of the most overlooked and undervalued assets your company owns. It maybe more technical in nature, such as inventions, know-how, processes and procedures, technical roadmaps, drawings, software, technical documentation or specifications. Often, however, it takes the form of business plans, licenses and approvals, customer or supplier contact information and tendencies, financial information (including pricing and costing), or distribution information. All of these assets have at least one thing in common: they are the result of the creative, mental activity of your workforce.

Gutwein Law has developed an Intellectual Property Protection Plan to help your business identify and protect this IP. Beyond simply talking about the features of patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secret protection, our goal is to work with you to develop an overarching strategy of how to protect these assets so that there is a return on the investment you are making. Taking complex issues and helping you form a business strategy that returns value on your investment: that’s Legal Strategies with Business Perspective.  Submit the form to the right and download more information about our protection plan and how Gutwein Law can help protect your assets.

Protect your assets

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