Get To Know Burke Richeson

by Gutwein Law

Have you met Burke Richeson yet? Burke's the newest addition to our real estate team. He brings years of experience, business acumen, and top-notch listening skills. In the Q&A below, you'll see why we think Burke is a perfect fit for our team and clients, alike.

First, the basics: Where are you from?

I was born in Kokomo Indiana in 1982. My family moved to Linden, Indiana in ’87 before eventually landing in Lafayette in ’92.


Where did you attend college?

I received my undergraduate degree from Purdue West Lafayette in Communications with a minor in Organizational Leadership and Supervision and a minor in Business. I then went on to obtain my JD and MBA from Valparaiso School of Law and Valparaiso School of Business, respectively


What led you to a life as an attorney?

After graduating from Purdue, I went to work for a family business managing accounts and day-to-day business matters. In the process, the business had to pursue outstanding accounts, like many businesses do, and I worked with local attorneys to prosecute the cases. 

This sparked my interest in the practice of law, and I began preparing to take the LSAT and then applied to law school. I was always working towards a business management and real estate focus practice as my family has been in the residential and light commercial construction business since I was born.


You grew up in Lafayette, but spent several years in Plymouth, Indiana. What made you want to come back?

There are a lot of wonderful things about Lafayette that make it a great area in which to live. Having grown up here, there are certainly friendships, familiar faces, and surroundings that are fun to be around again. Lafayette has also grown so much, and there are many new things to get involved in and do. 

There are also great opportunities for our kids and my wife, and I really look forward to exploring the city more. Being close to family was also a large part of our decision. In short, there’s not just one thing, but many things that make moving to Lafayette exciting and we are ready to embrace that change and enjoy the ride.


What attracted you to Gutwein Law (other than the sweet downtown office space and the super nice people, of course)?

The major factor for me in choosing to join the Gutwein Law team was the incredible staff.  Everyone in all of the offices are excellent at what they do and are leading the way for in their fields of practice. I certainly bring skills and knowledge with me, but getting the chance to work with professionals of this level of experience and knowledge is a great opportunity for me to grow and expand my strengths. 


Obviously, you’re here to help serve our clients, but what do you personally hope to get out of the job?

My goal is always to continuously learn and grow my knowledge and skills. There are a lot of businesses, families, and individuals that need advice or assistance in legal areas from a person they can trust. The more I learn and grow, the more of those people, businesses, and groups I can help.


You're a golf guy. So, if you could play a round of golf with one famous person, living or dead, who would it be and why?

Arnold Palmer. I have the utmost respect for Mr. Palmer and the way he lived his professional life. I admired the way he was “human” and made mistakes, all while owning them and trying to improve. I appreciated the way he always had time to spend with a fan or children who were excited to see him.

The stories he could tell and the lessons he could teach would make for one amazing afternoon. Plus, we would probably be able to get on at Augusta National, and there is no fine place to spend an afternoon than Augusta.


Ok, last question: what’s your secret power?

I would have to say my secret power is listening and remembering what is said. I can forget where my keys are, but if someone tells me something, I can lock that in and remember it.

I actively listen to hear what a client or party is both saying and not saying.  I listen to be able to ask questions for situations I do not understand or in instances where I need more information. Always listening is a focus factor that I have been both blessed with and have cultivated over years of practice. I realized early on that if I could listen, I could learn just about anything. This secret power has served me well and continues to serve me to this day.